You are Not Alone – A Carer’s Journey is written by carers for carers.

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As parents who care for children with a disability, we felt compelled to compile our thoughts, ideas and experiences to help other families navigate their way through what can only be described as the ‘maze’ of disability services.

We have written You are Not Alone – A Carers Journey to provide guidance and advice to parents and carers centred on a child’s early years, from birth to six years of age.

We want to help you and your family by:

• Sharing information about other parents’ and carers’ personal stories and experiences

• Providing you with information and advice on services and support available

• Creating from which you can download further information and find web links to access resources and services

We hope that You are Not Alone – A Carers Journey will be a reference guide for you during your journey as a carer. We do not assume that you need all the information that this book contains, but we hope that you can select the information that is most helpful to you and your family. We hope that this book will help make your journey a little easier.

Note: Information provided in this book regarding services, support and resources applies to the state of Queensland only.


© Tanya Dennis and Michelle Rhodes, 2011

All rights reserved including translation into other languages.


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